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Agile Coaching

The Agile Mindset offers a broad variety of coaching options that have been specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of your organisation.

We provide specific coaching in Scrum, Lean, Kanban, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and technical practices for Agile teams as well as coaching for full Agile adoptions.

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Agile Training

All our courses have been designed using accelerated learning techniques that enhance and speed up the learning process helping you to to learn more effectively.

We offer both public and private courses throughout the world with the ability to tailor private courses to your specific needs.

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Why An Agile Mindset?

Most approaches to work are described as a methodology or a process, however Agile is neither of those, but rather a mindset.

The idea of an Agile Mindset is a positive one, because it encourages us to open our minds to focus on people and our interactions with them and on how we collaborate with our customers and how we think about our work and how we approach it.

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why an agile mindset

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