About The Agile Mindset

What are our credentials

We are approved members of the Kanban University and the Scrum Alliance and have accredited Kanban trainers and certified Scrum trainers to ensure that our students receive the very best in Kanban and Scrum training.

As part of the membership approval process we have been vetted and peer reviewed by the Kanban University and the Scrum Alliance to ensure that the company and trainers have a solid pedigree in Kanban and Scrum and that they have attended advanced training programmes and consistently demonstrate their own on-going learning.

We can train the whole Kanban Management Professional programme as well as train the full path to Certified Scrum Professional programme with the Scrum Alliance.

All training delivered by The Agile Mindset use the 4C’s accelerated learning approach that inherently uses brain based learning techniques that are rooted in brain science that allow learners to learn more and retain it longer.  Not only do we use these techniques but we are also certified to teach these techniques to allow you to improve the design of your own training courses.

What Next?

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