Agile Coaching

What Coaching does The Agile Mindset provide?

The Agile Mindset offers a broad variety of coaching options that have been specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of your organisation.

The Agile Mindset provides specific coaching in Scrum, Lean, Kanban, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and technical practices for Agile teams as well as coaching for full Agile adoptions that may use all, or a carefully selected sub-set, of these coaching services.

Five step coaching approach


We set out to fully understand your organisation, your teams and the individuals, so that the coaching can start from where you are at. We will take a pragmatic approach and put ourselves in your shoes, so that we can understand and appreciate your own unique situation and then work with you to visualise and to create a vision of where we want to end up. During this period we will:

  • Assess the suitability of your teams
  • Produce an engagement backlog
  • Agree and prioritise it with you. Which will form the basis of the engagement, and our work going forward.


We run classroom based training for executives, managers and teams to cover all of your training needs as appropriate. The training can be off the shelf or bespoke depending on the needs.


We work, hands-on, with your teams, and through the engagement backlog coaching new skills and techniques into the teams until they can become self-sufficient and be sustainable for the long term. If you want to develop your own in-house coaches, then this can be accommodated, as part of the coaching model.


We will reflect with you on your unique engagement and understand, as well as what went well with your teams, what can be improved and what gaps we still might need to fill. This will provide you with a plan for ongoing improvements.



We offer follow up reviews, in order to assess the health of your teams, whilst identifying any improvements and to make further recommendations.

Real World Coaching Results

We’ve surveyed teams that have undertaken our Scrum coaching, to find out how effective their coaching has been in the real world. Here are the real world Scrum coaching results:

96% feel that they are more productive or much more productive

100% of team members surveyed felt that collaboration and cooperation was better or much better since adopting scrum

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