Real world Scrum coaching results

We’ve surveyed teams that have undertaken our Scrum coaching, to find out how effective their coaching has been in the real world. Here are the real world Scrum coaching results:

1. Since Adopting Scrum, how productive do you think your team is?

96% feel that they are more productive or much more productive

Following Scrum coaching, software development team members feel that the productivity of the overall team is far better, compared with performance using more traditional approaches to software development.

Productivity is key to the success of any team, because increased productivity allows a reduced time to market and a quicker return on investment. Customers are then happier with the service provided to them.

2. Since Adopting Scrum, has the degree of collaboration and cooperation in the team changed?

100% of team members surveyed felt that collaboration and cooperation was better or much better since adopting scrum

Collaboration and cooperation helps team members to work effectively as a single unit. It allows everyone to know what needs to be done, and to work together to complete each task.

Team members believe that they work together much more easily and efficiently since adopting the Scrum framework. This is due to an increase in their ability to collaborate and cooperate as part of their overall team, rather than working as individuals.

Being able to collaborate and cooperate easily within the team creates a team that is both highly motivated, and happy. This in turn creates better results from the team as a whole, making customers happy as they receive a better service and end-product.

3. What do you think of the overall quality of what has been developed since adopting Scrum?

83% of team members feel that overall quality is better or much better since they started to use scrum

Without quality customers are not going to be happy, as reworks will be needed which takes up extra time and effectively increases the duration it takes to complete a project.

Since adopting the Scrum framework, team members feel that the overall quality of the work from their team has improved. No team members felt that the quality of work had suffered.

The improvement of quality means that there are less errors, creating less need for rework and time to market is reduced. This allows projects to be performed much more efficiently, as less time is needed to fix problems and software defects, reducing project costs. The customer is happier with the quicker service and reduced costs for them. The team is able to move on to new projects more quickly making the entire business more cost effective.

4. Since Adopting Scrum, how has morale changed?

87% of team members report that moral is better or much better since adopting Scrum

A team that lacks morale is likely to be unmotivated, slow and often inefficient. Therefore, in order to succeed a team needs to be able to believe that they can do it, and that their team can do it.

Empowerment and self-organisation are fundamental to Scrum, and through coaching we help the business empower teams and help the teams self-organise allowing them to decide how best to conduct their own work and how they manage their own work that ultimately leads to high performing teams. As a result overall morale is boosted, creating a much happier workforce.

Happy teams, that believe in their own skills and abilities, are able to deliver more efficient and high quality results to their customers.

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