Scrum Roles

Two fundamental roles in Scrum are that of the Scrum Master and Product Owner.

Scrum Master. The Scrum Master helps to build the bridge between the team, the Product Owner and the business. They also encourage collaboration, empowerment and self-organisation, so as to enable the most effective delivery.

They are the catalyst of the Scrum Framework, therefore coaching is of paramount importance.

Product Owner. The Product Owner is the visionary for the product; they are the connection between the Product Vision and what it is that the team needs to do, to deliver that vision.

Coaching is important, because the Product Owner is responsible for ensuring that the correct product is built, it is in-line with the Product Vision. They also need to ensure the correct return on investment is delivered back to the business.

The Agile Mindset can offer specific coaching for both of these roles and also incorporate this coaching into full Agile transitions or Team Bootstraps for Scrum teams. Our coaching adopts a master-apprentice relationship.

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