Real World Training Results

We’ve surveyed people that have undertaken our training, we’ve got the data back – here’s the real world training results:

1. To what extent did this training meet your expectations?

“96% said the training met their expectations”

The Agile Mindset offers training using accelerated learning techniques whilst utilising the 4C’s:

  • Connections
  • Concepts
  • Concrete Practice
  • Conclusions

The instructional design and delivery process keeps learners involved, and proactive, through each step in their course. Engagement throughout the course encourages learning and boosts the overall experience, whilst allowing them to retain more of the techniques and information that they were taught. This makes it more likely that team members will be able to transfer their new skills into their daily life.

“I have spent some years working with Kanban but this course really helped my understanding”
– Dale Matthews

“If you are looking to implement Kanban in your organisation this is the perfect course for you”
– Sangeetha Balasubramanian

“I took Tom’s Scrum training course and found it fun, enlightening and engaging. Not something I could say for most other courses I’ve attended.”
– Jeff Porter

“Great course, reinforced what I already knew and prepared me for trying it out in my workplace”
– Simon Machin

“Solid course”
– Jef Cumps – Certified Scrum Trainer

“Excellent course, great content and very helpful”
– Mark Farrington

“Excellent course, very relevant I will definently be looking to apply this back at work”
– Holly Chapman

“Excellent overview of Scrum with interactive elements which helped me retain the content.  Much better than other Scrum training I’ve been on in the past.  Thouroughly enjoyed!”
– Karen Somerville

“Great course, real life examples really bring it to life.  The tasks allow you to test your knowledge”
– Avneet Singh

“Awesome training!! A lot to take away”
– Stuti Jindal

“Super useful course.  Tom was knowledgeable and helpful when we talked about our real work life experiences”
– Harpreet Panesar

2. Did the training keep you engaged?

“95% said they were highly engaged”

Being able to fully engage with a class is a crucial factor for any trainer, because they need to be able to quickly analyse how each attendee works in terms of personality and ability. Engagement is also important to ensure that attendees don’t become bored or lose interest. Interactive lessons that encourage individuals to work in various ways, keep them attentive whilst helping the trainer to understand what makes each person tick.

“Have been trained by Tom several times and I’m always amazed by his breadth of knowledge and his ability to explain and keep participants fully engaged.  Very interactive course”
– Annie Bedford

“Even though I thought I already had a good appreciation of what Scrum is, I still found the session enjoyable and interesting “
– Andy Mcbride

“Highly interactive and fun course “
– Virendra Naran

“Engaging, informative and an excellent starter to using Kanban to help achieve better delivery “
– Adam Parsons

“Highly engaging course for a variety of skillsets”
– Dom Barnett

“Fun course, lots of games, very informative”
– Louis Salin

“Great course, loved the balance between theory and practical”
– Jeff Bannister

“Tom is a great coach who teaches agile in an engaging and interactive way.  I would recommend this course to anyone, whether they have agile knowledge or not”
– Ellie McCarey

“The entire course was fun, engaging and a lot of effective learning. Thank you!”
– Leighton Fernandes

3. How well did the trainer communicate the information?

“100% said their trainer communicated very well”

In any form of education or training, good communication is key for a variety of reasons:

  • Attendees find it easier to interact with a trainer who communicates well with them.
  • Helps the attendee to gain the confidence to speak up when they do not understand an area that is being covered.
  • Communication removes the possibility of attendees making assumptions about their course and/or training. Instead, they will know as fact everything that they need to.
  • Highlights how important strong communication is – at all levels – and how easily poor communication can result in problems.
    Thus, it enhances the attendees’ personal communication skills.

“Tom is highly experienced and it shows in his training, he was able to make complex concepts engaging and above all relevant and engaging.  Recommended”
– Tim Saunders

“Thanks Tom, it was useful to hear about your experiences in using Scrum”
– Andy McBride

“Thanks for a very informative and enjoyable course! It was a pleasure to attend.”
– Steve McDowell

“Very good, well presented course”
– Sarah Black

“Loads of good content to take away and implement, thanks”
– Pete Durrant

“A very energetic and enthusiastic Kanban practitioner and trainer.  Uses experience to help fortify how Kanban can be used in the real world”
– Andy Wheeldon

“Tom is a very knowledgable instructor and really helps disambiguate and clarify topics. Our kanban process is about to get a lot more sophisticated and informative ”
– Bren Vaughan

“Thank you Tom, the training was very insightful and engaging. Plus your skill and experience is impressive, you brought real authenticity ”
– Mark White

“Tom is very engaging and clear, thoroughly enjoyed the training from start to finish ”
– Claire Barks

4. Everything considered, on the basis of your overall experience how do you rate the training?

98% said their overall training experience was great!

Training is virtually counter-productive if the experience has not been enjoyable, as well as beneficial to the attendee.

Attendees feel that the experience of the training itself has been great, and would recommend it to others.

“Excellent course, I would recommend this to anyone who would like to know all about Kanban and understand how it can improve the performance of the whole company by starting with your team.  Great content.  Great trainer”
– Lucy Robinson

“Should be mandatory for everyone in IT”
– Joanna Rudd

“This is fantastic training with very useful information”
– Sergio Contreras

“Ideal for Scrum teams who are considering the merits of Kanban”
– Nick Nurock

“This course is jam packed full of excellent discussions, exercises and practical examples. An excellent course”
– Jason Nickels

“This course has been a real eye opener and I’m now keen to see how many of my work processes can be managed better using the techniques I’ve learned”
– Tanya Phillips

“Exceptional experience and depth of knowledge.  Really brought relevant examples to our situation and context”
– Hass Jishi

“Great for those who want to get a good insight on what Kanban is.  Fun and interactive two days which can change your perception on agile and improve your work environment”
– Yan Grech

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