Team Kanban Practitioner

Team Kanban Practitioner is a team level introduction course that is a highly interactive one day course accredited by The Scrum Alliance and provides solid training in Kanban practices and the principles that underpin the Kanban method, including a fully immersive Kanban simulation using Lego. The Kanban method is an evolutionary approach to change and change management by:

  • Starting with what you do now
  • Agreeing to pursue incremental, evolutionary change
  • Initially respecting current roles, responsibilities and job titles
  • Encouraging acts of leadership at all levels

Participants will gain sufficient knowledge about the Kanban Method and related topics to:

  • Lead or guide a team in their adoption of Kanban – from initial visualisation and the design of Kanban Systems through to evolutionary change
  • Answer questions and support the team in day-to-day operation
  • Help teams to identify and resolve hindrances to flow
  • Take measurements and create meaningful metrics that helps the team
  • Evolve process and practice according to team needs in a meaningful way
  • Connect with the Kanban community for the sharing of practical experiences and the development of new ideas and techniques