The Agile Mindset is able to offer a variety of coaching services to meet your needs catering for all of your requirements with the ability to tailor services to fit within the context of your organisation.  If you have any specific needs not detailed below then please get in touch and we would be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements.

SAFe – Scaled Agile Framework

Working with large scale Products and Programs requires a Lean-Agile Enterprise.

Our modern world runs on software.  In order to keep pace, we must build increasingly complex and sophisticated software systems. Doing so requires larger teams and continuously rethinking the methods and practices that we use to organize and manage these important activities.

The increasing use of agile development is helping the industry address some of these challenges. However, team level agility does not provide the global alignment needed to optimise outcomes and extend the benefits of agile to the largest enterprises. For that, we need more advanced thinking.

The Scaled Agile Framework represents one such set of advances so that every practitioner, team, program and enterprise can enjoy the benefits of delivering ever better software at an ever faster pace.

Your users will surely appreciate the benefits, too, because better software makes the world a better place.

With our SAFe approach you get everything that you need to implement and leverage the SAFe framework.  This includes

  • A SAFe overview for your company
  • A two day leading SAFe course for your executives, managers, consultants, lean thinking managers/teachers, and Agile change agents.  After passing the examination attendees will be Certified as SAFe Agilists (SA).
  • An evaluation of your projects, programmes and teams to identify who is ready to adopt SAFe
  • An evaluation to decide on your first Agile Release Train
  • Planning your first Agile Release Train
  • Coaching to prepare you for, and to get you to, a position to adopt SAFe for your Agile Release Train with an evaluation to check that you are ready
  • A two day SAFe ScrumXP for Teams course for all teams members who are part of your Agile Release Train.  After passing the examination attendees will be Certified SAFe Practitioners (SP).
  • Facilitation and coaching of your first Agile Release Train release planning session
  • Scrum Master training for all of your Scrum Masters
  • Product Owner training for all of your Product Owners
  • Coaching throughout your first release cycle to maximise your success
  • Additional training and coaching as required
  • Follow up reviews to provide feedback on your progress

Team Bootstrap

Working with teams on an initial basis to get them working effectively in an agile environment.

This involves coaching teams in Scrum, XP and agile practices enabling them to avoid the pitfalls that new teams often fall into.

After an initial agreed period I can back away allowing your team to continue confidently.  If so desired I can visit back on an agreed schedule to review the teams’ progress, offer further advice and work with teams on specific problems they may have encountered.

Quality Strategies and Code Craftsmanship in an Agile Environment

Quality needs to be viewed holistically with all roles within a team contributing equally, this can often be overlooked.  Coaching in quality strategies covers all aspects of the development life cycle including requirements capture, techniques for clarifying and confirming requirements, and understanding how these techniques fit into manual and automated functional testing.  We can think of these techniques as techniques to help teams build the right software.

Going hand in hand with this is building the software right and focusing on how the software is built with techniques to help good code craftsmanship and reducing and eliminating technical debt which if left unchecked can paralyse teams.

Quality and code craftsmanship should not be an afterthought but inherently built into the day to day activities of your teams.

Scrum Master

Working on your projects as a Scrum Master with teams you already have established; helping the team and your organisation drive projects through to completion.

Multi-site and Distributed Scrum

Working with you and your teams to explore the patterns and models that can be used to successfully scale Scrum across multiple teams, locations, time zones and continents.

This can take the form of acting as coach to help you explore the options before making your own decisions or taking it further and working with you and your teams through the initial implementation of your chosen distributed model.

Telephone Coaching and Support

A light touch coaching model that you can use with your existing teams or used in conjunction with Team Bootstrap.

A pre-agreed number of days can be set aside to be used as required by your teams.  This can be used for general advice or to work through specific topics or problems as your teams needs arise.

Full Agile Coaching

A full service that entails the majority of the individual services listed above.  This service incorporates working with the teams and stakeholders in your organisation to devise, plan and execute your agile transition.

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