Scrum Roles

Scrum has only three roles and the relationship between these roles is easily defined and very clear cut and simple.  There are also supporting roles but these are not part of scrum itself albeit still important to its success.

The roles are: -

  • Product OwnerIs the final authority on the requirements for the product.  Responsible for the product vision and improving return on investment.  They manage the end user and stake holder expectations, prioritizing the product backlog, release planning and providing clear and testable requirements to the team.  They collaborate with the team, end users and stake holders ensuring that the goals are met and they accept the software at the end of each sprint.
  • Scrum MasterResponsible for coaching and guiding the team, creating a trustful and inclusive environment, facilitating team meetings and negotiations with the product owner and removing team and organisational impedimentsThey keep the process moving forward ensuring that the values and principals of scrum along with its framework are followed.  They socialise scrum and agile to the wider organisation.
  • The TeamThe team are cross-functional, autonomous and self organising.  They are responsible for estimating the size of requirements driving from a tactical perspective making their own design and implementation decisions.  They track the progress of their own work with the guidance of the scrum master and the team commit to delivering increments of software  being accountable to the product owner for delivering as promised.

The scrum relationships are as follows:

Scrum relationships

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